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“Place a three-legged toad near the front door and money will come pouring in.” Have you ever heard or read something similar? Feng shui is a traditional Chinese concept that aims to ensure people live in harmony with their surroundings. Feng Shui: Prosperity is a VR project that allows audience to interact with, helping people to better understand the foundational concepts of feng shui in a fun and concise way. 

Feng Shui: Prosperity is not only an educational VR project that helps people to get to know Feng Shui, but also an entertaining interactive digital artwork that the audiences can play with.

Special Thanks to:

Dr. Tom Penney
Lin Wang
Lachlan Thorpe
Jichen Cui
Stella Zhu
Zhiyang Zhou

* This project has included the following asset:

Pine and Bush Pack - DEKO


Character Respawn FX - RIVERMILL STUDIOS


* This project has included the following audio:

A Slow Dream - Emily A. Sprague


Sea Space - Emily A. Sprague


Dreaming Blue - Sextile



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